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Tell us about your Golf, or just or put your views forward!!!!!!!

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Howdi boys and girls and fellow Golf fanatics!
I am a 17 year old girl and the proud owner of my very, first Mark 111 Golf which I love dearly with all my heart!
I am desperately in the search for a certain sticker for my rear window by the name of DEUTCHCAR, a butiful white long sticker with those words on, I have seen it on a Golf so they do exist but I don't know who the supplier is, have searched all the autoparts shops in Scotland and to no avail found nothing, does anyone know where I can purchase on pleeeeease pretty please!

Write soon!

Debbie Meldrum

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Hi there!

Nice web site, looking good - keep up the good work!

Perhaps you would like to stick this photo of my Golf up here too?  It (was) a 1979 Mk I Golf N 1100 in Mars red, with some subtle GTI type extras and some trick engine parts that made it fly.  My dad helped me build it (having had three Mk I's in a row himself).  Sadly the car met its maker when a guy in an Astra hit it while I was stopped at a set of trafic lights and he didn't have any insurance.

So thats me, I am looking for another one - my Saxo is a bit boring.  I fancy a 1300 Driver (like the one on your page here!) that I can make some choice modifications to.  I should be undertaking the project over the summer so I will keep you up to date and send in pictures as I go.

Steven Matthews

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Hi i`m 13 and love golfs!!! All my mates love jaguars porshe and all of the super fast stuff!!! Eversince i saw my grandads golf i `ve fallen in love with them. His is an E reg and is still in great nick. They say a golf will last forever. I saw a new golf GTI the other day in sky blue nice very nice.

I think your web pages are great.

from a teenage golf finatic.
P.S Alex

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